Best of the best Cambodian own gym and Cambodian martial art Kun Khmer kickboxing in Siem Reap.
1. Classes in Cambodian martial art called kun khmer which is very similar to Muay Thai but is becoming more and more famous in the fighting world for its unique use of elbow and knee strikes.
2. Classic weight gym which has all the body building equipment you need.
3. Many of our coaches are one of the biggest names in Cambodia right now.
4. Bjj classes with our coach who has learned his skills at the world famous Checkmat gym.
5. Furthermore our personal trainer will make you achieve your fitness goals no matter what they are!!
We are proud to recommend you our beloved business partners in Cambodia and other parts of the world.


Fight Camp Package

MRLY offers the best choice of accommodation in Siem Reap and are within your budget from hostels to monthly private room or hotels.
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Why you should call it Kun Khmer (or at least Cambodian Kickboxing)
Many people, when they see Kun Khmer fighting for the first time, say ‘Oh that’s Muay Thai!’. This is not only wrong but also culturally inappropriate.
While the origins and ancient history of the south east asian kickboxing styles is still disputed the recent history is very clear: Kun Khmer was developed from Lbokator while Muay Thai was developed from Muay Boran in the last century. This already shows that these are two seperate martial arts and should be treated as such.
When compared next to each other this becomes very clear: Kun Khmer is a lot more aggressive, aiming to KO an opponent instead of winning by points like in most Muay Thai fights. To this aim Kun Khmer has a much heavier focus on elbows and knees, thus strikes with these body parts have been developed to a much more effective and devastating method than their thai counterpart (just go watch Thoeun Theara on youtube delivering these elbows at his Max Muay Thai fights).
Both Kun Khmer and Muay Thai are the pride and joy of their respective nations and calling either one the same as the other is disrespectful to the country, its people and especially to its fighters who put their heart and soul into representing their martial arts.
Please keep this in mind and if you’re interested to find out more about the history of south east asian martial arts come down Mr. Ly gym here in siem reap for some more ‘hands-on’ lessons.
MRLY is and will be the most commercial Kun Khmer gym in Cambodia. Building lots of good new fighters and hire many champion Kun Khmer coaches.


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